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25 Nov November

Can Lisa Bloom be trusted? This is a woman that was council to Harvey Weinstein. She defended him, up until she quit, no longer able to stand by a man that she knew was lying. She went after all of these accusers, including Rose McGowan, trying to pay them off or shut them up.

This is from the Daily Beast:

Ronan Farrow was stunned and disgusted early this year when famed feminist lawyer Lisa Bloom phoned him, in the midst of his investigation for NBC News of widespread allegations of sexual misconduct against Harvey Weinstein, and offered to share opposition research on one of Weinstein’s accusers.

“I don’t know if you’ve talked to Rose McGowan, but we have files on her and her... history,” Bloom told Farrow, according to knowledgeable sources inside and outside NBC.

Is this someone that has any credibility left? It just seems that she was out to wreck someones life because it conflicted with her clients ability to continue to wreak havoc in an industry that is rife with stories about the casting couch, sexual harassment, pederasty, and more.

Then, the press reports that Lisa Bloom's book was being optioned at TWC, to be made into a movie. So it would seem that she only stood by the man, because she was on the verge of making a ton of money and becoming more famous. Isn't that a conflict of interest? Being someones attorney, defending Weinstein against all of these sexual harassment allegations (at that point) and also selling a book to the company to be made into a movie? The Book - Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice is being use as part of the Trayvon Martin docuseries that was being produced by TWC.

Lisa Bloom has also said that having her book optioned by the company "clouded her judgement". How exactly did it cloud your judgement? Was it the fact that you were being offered a lot of money for portions of your book? Was it the fact that Harvey Weinstein offered you producers credit on the show? I'm almost willing to bet that Weinstein probably had it set up so that Bloom was going to be the face and voice of the docuseries. It just seems that, at that moment in time, this woman who fought for women's rights and is a self proclaimed "feminist", was more interested in furthering her own ambitions of being rich and famous, than doing what was right.

Lisa Bloom, if she's anything, is an opportunist. She seems to want to exploit her clients more than she wants to really help them. Although in one of her latest tweets, she mentioned that she and her attorney's won an appeal for Janice Dickinson against Bill Cosby, which is good, but it's too little too late, it seems.