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    We argue, we get annoyed with each other, we fight. We do it because it's honest and real. We're hypocrites about some of the things that happen when making movies. You know what we aren't? Fake. We don't BS each other and we won't do that to you either.

    If you don't get the show, don't listen. Some things do need to change and we're not above making a change to make the show better (like Mike getting angry with Joe over ridiculous things). It's a process.

    We do this because we love podcasting.

    Back in the mid-90's there was a new "movie" style magazine that hit the stands - Cinescape Magazine. Dedicated mostly to "Sci-Fi and Beyond", whatever beyond meant, the magazine clearly focused on everything and anything to do with Sci-Fi. From TV and games to Movies and even book reviews. We're reviving that magazine, but we're changing the way that it was done. With the new Cinescape Magazine, we're going to be bringing you the forgotten movies that we loved growing up, the monster movies, thriller theater types that you watched on Saturday nights, cool action and adventure movies and of course, all the latest Hollywood movie reviews that we can watch.

    Then something went wrong. Cinescape Magazine went from a bi-monthly publication to an online only site. Filled with bad background colors, broken links and bad content, leaving its fans in the lurch for something better and easier to look at.

    Cinescape Magazine finally lost it's way sometime near the year 2000. Nothing has been done about it. The company that bought it, suddenly was out of business and, let's face it, magazine sales are not what they used to be. Why buy magazines any more? You can find all the content that you like online. People are creating new stuff everyday.

    Let me tell you why. Nostalgia. There are those of us that yearn for the basics of yesteryear. The comfort food for the brain, as the saying goes. People want what is familiar, but they want it in a way that makes it easy to access, enjoyable and, dare I say, they don't want to pay for the privilege of 48 pages of nonsense with 15 or 20 pages of ads.

    It sounds so simple, but that's what most of us want. Easy. Fun. Interesting. That is what we are going to try to bring to you (Please, don't Yoda us).

    Cinescape Magazine (2017 version) is dedicated to bringing you the best and worst of the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Movies, Music, Animation, Video Games, Lore, Television, books, and yes, even comics. But, it's not just going to stop there. We have a dedicated site to movie reviews and our podcasts (you can visit our links to the podcast page, our Joe's Versus Games Youtube page and Facebook Page on the side links).

    We feel that we should share it all. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. But most important to us, is that you enjoy our site.

    Cinescape Magazine is dedicated to science fiction, action, adventure, and fantasy movies and television. From 2001 to Star Wars, we analyze these films and great classic TV shows for their impact on Hollywood, literature and society.

    - Mike and Joe.

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  • A Couple Of Average Joe's

    A Couple Of Average Joe's is a movie review and movie fan site. We. Love. Movies. It's that simple. When a website called "Crazy Days and Nights"  went viral, talking about all the harassment that is going on behind closed doors in Hollywood, we wanted to introduce a podcast or weekly post to talk about what was going on. But, noone would really talk about it. Sure Corey Feldman brought it up during an interview with Barbara Walters, but he was blown off as just trying to get back into the spot light. Soon After, Rose McGowan started to talk about the evils of Hollywood. Noone listened. There were the occasional reports about those in power, it got some TV time or a brief news clip, but it was mostly swept under the rug.

    Until Harvey Weinstein. Then the world started to take notice. But, for how long?

    That's what Compelled is about. It's about keeping this information in the spotlight. Don't let these predators get away with this any more.

    #TellTheTruth, expose these frauds.

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